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Combining Two Loves

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs

If you know me, you would know that when I speak about coaching girls basketball, or about being on the river, my love is hard to disguise. Being able to combine these two is something truly magical.

Introducing the sport of whitewater kayaking to a group of young women is an empowering moment. All eyes are on you and the trust is at its highest. Anxiety and apprehension toward a new, perhaps uncomfortable experience, is a feeling felt by many their first time they crawl into a whitewater kayak.

Many kids never get the opportunity to experience whitewater kayaking and with my background as a kayak instructor, I opened with the basics of kayaking; how to put on a skirt. We forget as experienced kayakers how the routine items we do every time we kayak are quizzical to the beginner. Next I spoke about outfitting and how you are supposed to fit and feel in a kayak. From there everyone went through the progression of being flipped in a kayak to a wet exit.

From this activity you really get a feel for who is relaxing and getting more comfortable in the water, to those that still have a heightened sense of anxiety. For those that were not comfortable, they simply didn’t put the skirt on and just paddled around. Those that were intrigued, started the beginning process of learning to roll.

To see the smiles and the girls having fun, splashing each other, and learning something new, is a moment I will forever be grateful for. Here’s to getting our youth involved in the whitewater community.

Huge thanks to Clay Nash for helping not only with his time and his knowledge, but also for the gear that he brought.

Confidence Series: Dirty Bird

Mark your calendars ladies, this year our Confidence Series on the Dirty Bird is set for June 24th. Last year was a big success with over 20 women learning how to get vertical and throw about in a playboat. This year the format will be very similar to last year; we will divide into two groups: short boat playboats and slicey get vertical boats. If we have the interest, we will send a group directly down to the hole at NOC and work on park-n-play moves. Team members from Dagger, Pyranha and Jackson will lead the groups down the pigeon and instruct rock splats, eddie line squirts, surfing, loops and any request you want to throw at them.

The groups will progress to the NOC play hole where music and SweetWater beer will be enjoyed. A friendly competition will be in store to show off any move you would like to showcase. Pretty or otherwise.

2016 Sponsors: Jackson Kayak & SweetWater Brewing

The day will conclude with a raffle of prizes by various sponsors. This year the top prize will be an Orion cooler loaded with SweetWater Brewing Beer that is in Paddle in Pink colors, hot pink and black! All proceeds will go to a local animal shelter in honor of Jennifer Watson (our inspiration behind Paddle In Pink). Jackson Action Wagon will be on hand again this year to demo off all Jackson Kayak kayaks.

Orion cooler filled with SweetWater Brewing beer

More details will follow on facebook, including times, sponsors, and prizes. Questions? Get in touch.

Take a look at some of the action from 2016;

2017 Southeastern Release Dates

2017 Southeastern Release Dates

So many events taking place now that 2017 has hit that it can be hard to keep track of. Here is a list that we will continue to update as we see new events/releases happening.

March 18-19: *first weekend for middle Ocoee 10am-4pm
March 25:
Cheoah @ 1000 8am-4pm
March 26: Cheoah @ 600 12am-12pm, 300 12pm through 3/27

April 1: Middle Ocoee 10am-4pm
April 2: Middle Ocoee 10am-4pm
April 8: West Fork Tuckasegee @250 10am-4pm, middle Ocoee 9am-5pm
April 9: West Fork Tuckasegee @250 10am-4pm, middle Ocoee 9am-5pm
April 22: Cheoah @ 1000 8am-4pm, middle Ocoee 9am-5pm
April 23: Cheoah @ 1000 8am-2pm, @850 2pm-4pm, middle Ocoee 9am-5pm
April 28: Cheoah @ 1000 8am-4pm, middle Ocoee 9am-5pm
April 29: Cheoah @ 1000 8am-2pm, @850 2pm-4pm (note 4/30 is @ 300cfs), Nantahala Cascades / Upper @ 250 10am-4pm, middle Ocoee 9am-5pm
April 30: Nantahala Cascades / Upper @ 350 10am-4pm, middle Ocoee 9am-5pm

May 6: Cheoah @ 1000 8am-4pm. Paddle in Pink: The Double (two events) XX (female kayakers) Cheoah Day, middle Ocoee 9am-5pm
May 7: Cheoah @ 1000 8am-2pm, @850 2pm-4pm, middle Ocoee 9am-5pm
May 13: Cheoah @ 1000 8am-4pm, middle Ocoee 9am-5pm, *upper Ocoee  9am-3pm (first upper Ocoee release)
May 14: Cheoah @ 1000 8am-2pm, @850 2pm-4pm, middle Ocoee 9am-5pm
May 20: Cheoah @ 1000 8am-4pm, middle Ocoee 9am-5pm, upper Ocoee  9am-3pm
May 21: Cheoah @ 1000 8am-2pm, @850 2pm-4pm, middle Ocoee 9am-5pm
May 27: middle Ocoee 9am-5pm, upper Ocoee  9am-3pm, *Pigeon is anticipated to start releasing this weekend (noon-6pm)
May 28: middle Ocoee 9am-5pm, upper Ocoee  8:30am-4:30pm
May 29: middle Ocoee 9am-5pm

June 10: West Fork Tuckasegee @250 10am-4pm
June 16: Nantahala Cascades / Upper @ 250 4pm-7pm

July 1: West Fork Tuckasegee @250 10am-4pm
July 7: Nantahala Cascades / Upper @ 250 4pm-7pm
July 8: Cheoah @ 1000 8am-4pm
July 9: Cheoah 1000 8am-2pm, @850 2pm-4pm
July 14: Nantahala Cascades / Upper @ 250 4pm-7pm
July 22: West Fork Tuckasegee @250 10am-4pm

Aug 11: Nantahala Cascades / Upper @ 250 4pm-7pm
Aug 12: West Fork Tuckasegee @250 10am-4pm
Aug 26: West Fork Tuckasegee @250 10am-4pm

Sept 8-11:Gauley
Sept 9: Cheoah @ 1000 8am-4pm
Sept 15-18:Gauley
Sept 22-25:Gauley
Sept 23: Nantahala Cascades / Upper @ 300 10am-5pm
Sept 24: Nantahala Cascades / Upper @ 425 10am-3pm, @250 3pm-5pm

Sept 29-Oct 2: Gauley
Oct 6-8: Gauley
Oct 14: Gauley
Oct 15: Gauley
Oct 21: Gauley (Bridge Day)
Oct 22: Gauley

Nov 4: Green Race, Cheoah @ 1000 8am-4pm, Tallulah (500 cfs)
Nov 5: Tallulah (700 cfs)
Nov 11: Tallulah (500 cfs)/ Tallulah Race
Nov 12: Tallulah (700 cfs)
Nov 18: Tallulah (500 cfs)
Nov 19: Tallulah (700 cfs)

Click here for full Ocoee release calendar

badass is beautiful website launch

Badass Is Beautiful

We like our slogan so much that paddle in pink is proud to introduce it’s sister site to the world; The format: strictly videos. We are going to try and post as many videos as we can, be that they are rough edits, or short film edits. Think you have a video that you want us to showcase? Go ahead and send out the link and if we like it, you will see it displayed in the gallery section of the website. If we love it, we will make that the featured video. So run on over and check it out (contact form is at the bottom)!

2016 Southeastern Fall Events

Events for Fall in the Southeast

As fall is in the air, I wanted to make a quick post to remind everyone of all the releases happening in the area;

Today-Sun is GAF at the NOC. If you are wanting to pick up some gear at some good prices, head over to the NOC.

Cascade and Upper Nantahala Release Schedule (the release has been shortened one hour due to drought):
Sat: 10-4pm 300 cfs
Sun: 10-3pm 425 cfs 3-4pm 250cfs

Sept 23-26: Gauley

Sept 30-Oct 3: Gauley
Oct 1: Cheoah, Russell Fork (800 cfs)
Oct 2: Russell Fork (800 cfs)

Oct 7-10: Gauley
Oct 8: Russell Fork (800 cfs)
Oct 9: Russell Fork (800 cfs)

Oct 15: Gauley, Russell Fork (800 cfs)
Oct 16: Gauley, Russell Fork (800 cfs)

Oct 22: Russell Fork (1000 cfs)/ Russell Fork Race
Oct 23: Russell Fork (1000 cfs)

Nov 5: Green Race, Cheoah, Tallulah (500 cfs)
Nov 6: Tallulah (700 cfs)

Nov 12: Tallulah (500 cfs)/ Tallulah Race
Nov 13: Tallulah (700 cfs)

Nov 19: Tallulah (500 cfs)
Nov 20: Tallulah (700 cfs)


Paddle in Pink was hacked a while back and that is why we have not had any recent posts. We have added a layer of security where this should not be an issue from here on out. Stay tuned for some updated posts as a lot has been going on this summer!